Con Way: the best option for transportation service


Con Way Transportation Services Inc was founded in 1983. The philosophy of the company is to provide a range of business-to-business freight delivery services and to contribute with chain solutions. Con Way is recognized as one of the fastest growing transportation companies in the industry. This enterprise offers ground and air expedited services, less-than-truckload regional, inter-regional and transcontinental service, airfreight forwarding, logistics in assembly and distribution, truckload and intermodal shipping. Con Way is certified with the ISO 14001 and 9001.

Con Way knows that transportation is the second largest industry in the United States, for that reason only the best companies can survive. In order to respond to the market demands, Con Way developed a business strategy based on four principles: (1) act in response of the customers needs by offering direct service and covering nterstate and intrastateregions, (2) maintain in average of 97% of all deliveries on-time, (3) give training based on responsibility for the success of the company and the satisfaction of the customer, (4) distribute the companys success with the employees by incentive stimulating plans together with regular pay.

Con Way operates with two subsidiaries, one in Canada and the other one in Mexico. Both work with staffs of bilingual teams and with employees experienced with custom brokers in each local business practices.

Con Way always works to develop the best innovated strategies; for that reason, the company operates based on safety, integrity, dedication and excellence. These tools give Con Way the force to fight in the market.