Jack B. Kelley Inc: Currently Hiring Drivers and Highly Motivated Individuals

By: Bubbajunk.com

In Jack B. Kelley Inc, they know that the drivers are the unknown heroes who work for the well-being of the American economy. For this reason, the National Truck Driver Appreciation Week that happened in August 21 27 is featured on the main page of the JBK website.

Jack B. Kelley Inc. founded in 1946, believes that drivers are responsible people working to deliver goods that keep the economy going and growing. JBK makes clear that professional drivers are very important because they stock up the local supermarkets, deliver blood, medicine and equipment to hospitals and clinics, they bring in newspapers every morning, and they ensure that raw materials and intermediate products for cars, trucks, appliances and other goods are delivered safely and on time.

For this reason, Jack B. Kelley Inc is a company who likes that its costumers as well as its employees. At JBK, employees work to maximize the satisfactory results possible.

JBK has 360 drivers and owner-operator drivers in 17 different terminals in 12 different states. The success of the company is due to the hard-work and the experience they have accumulated throughout the years. 

Jack B. Kelley also has some good training programs that assure the high quality of the well-prepared drivers. At JBK training films, product demos, corporate communications and seminars are used in the training programs. The video format is ideal to teach because in situations where specific operations must be followed, a visual presentation helps minimize the errors of interpretation associated with written or verbal instructions.

Jack B. Kelley, Inc. has the equipment and experience to transport industrial gases and other specialized chemicals. Therefore, if you are seeking for a company specialized in dangerous materials, JBK are the experts!