Clean Harbors Environmental Services


If your company needs trasport hazardous materials the solution is Clean Harbors Environmental Services.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services is the largest and most trusted provider of environmental services around.  Clean Harbors Environmental Services was founded in 1980. They offer a wide technical services like transportation and disposal as well as lab chemical packing. It includes emergency response and industrial cleaning services.

Based in Braintree, Massachusetts, this corporation clients list includes the majority of the Fortune 500 companies like oil, pharmaceutical and chemical factories and numerous local, state and federal government agencies.  To protect the environment, Clean Harbors Environmental Services have different laboratories for chemical management services.

Clean Harbors Environment Services has offices spread out all over the United States, including Canada, Mexico and Puerto Rico. As of December 31, 2004, had approximately 3,800 employees.

Clean Harbors Environmental Services is a friendly company that helps nature and people in a common brotherhood.