USA Motor Express: the opinion of every driver counts


USA Motor Express wants to improve its driver base by attracting and retaining drivers, and this is why the company has put forth many programs to achieve this goal.

The USA Motor Express is dedicated to give its drivers the best equipment to work with. Examples of this are the recent purchase of four new Sterling double bunk tractors and its investment in a device for driver communication designed by People-net. This system is called Intouch and is based 100% on the Internet, which allows for more flexibility.

USA Motor values every new drivers first impressions of the company during the recruitment and orientation processes. Every driver of the company and every operator driver is eligible for the recruiting bonus Bag of Gold. The company recognizes that their current drivers can help them in their recruiting efforts. To be a part of this Bag of Gold recruiting bonus, there are three requisites: the recruiter must already be an active driver for USA Motor, the recruited driver must indicate the name of the recruiter on the respective application and the new driver must remain accessible for dispatch. After this, for every month that the recruiter and the recruited remain active and accessible for dispatch, the recruiter receives a bag of gold coins worth $100. This bonus would continue for six months based on the three rules mentioned before.

USA Motor Express cares for the safety concerns that their shippers may have. This is why the company began a campaign to get all drivers to have a photo ID. Every USA Motor driver has been scheduled for a photo ID session. USA Motor has the ability to take a picture of the driver and scan it in its Photo ID system in a matter of minutes.