TransWood Inc.: Experience Equals Excellence


Since 1928, TransWood Inc. has occupied a very important place in the transportation industry. Almost a century later, the company keeps on offering one of the best services avalible and has been steadily growing in this marketplace. This has only been possible, with the permanent and constant personalized service they offer the customers, so that they will feel as satisfied as possible at anytime.

TransWoods main goal has always been to achieve excellence so that they will provide a level of disciplined quality service that exceeds all of their clients needs, demands, and expectations. Therefore, they count on equipment of superior quality, which can handle most of the customer requests. Compartment and axle insulated chemical, hi-cube pneumatic, petroleum, pressure bottle and vans are just a few examples of the type of transportation the company manages on their fleet.

TransWood provides different services such as common carriers, contract carriages, driver leasing, equipment leasing, labor consulting, logistics, management contracts and transloading. All of them are first class services and are focused on the philosophy of excellence the company manages.

When hiring new personnel, TransWood always looks for the best. They hire experience people and give them quality continuous training so that the personnel feel motivated and empowered to get a good job done. This is a very important element when achieving a commitment of excellence with the customer.

They are also characterized by the fact that their job has always been done under all the governmental regulations which has allow them to get recognition in the national marketplace. Since 1999, TransWood has earned National Safety Council Awards, Personnel Safety Awards, Safety Improvement Awards, and some recognitions of Honor, with Distinction, for their performance.

Being in the transportation industry for almost one hundred years, occupying the most important places in development and performance; TransWood Inc shows that they are a company to rely on.