Clark Brothers Company


Clark Brothers Inc has been leveling land in Arizona and California for over 40 years with more than 1,000 satisfied customers.


Clark Brothers uses the latest in Laser & GPS survey equipment and its staff has over 20 years experience in surveying farm lands. This survey staff specializes in designing the most efficient and practical way to level your land. More advantages are that they offer a map of the farm land with the exact acreage in each field and the contours for better water penetration or growing rice. They also check the fall or slope on your field and all this will help the client determine the possible yield of the crops farmed.


Clark Brothers also do orchard and vineyard leveling, using laser from touch up and light leveling to heavy leveling with many cubic yards to move. They can engineer, build and compact a pad for your house, barn or shop as well as drive-ways ditches and drains.


Clark Brothers specializes in cotton grin, storage yards and truck. It delivers place, grade and compact base rock on your industrial yard. They do all the earth work including the sumps, feed alleys, building pads, corral drainage, flush alleys, roads, drain ditches and silage pits.


It also has a large selection of equipment as: 1 cu yd Dragline, Cat 235 Excavator, Cat D-7G LGP Dozer; Cat D-8's with Dozers, Cat D-8's with pull scrapers and Dump Trucks. Clark Brothers built and engineered hundreds of miles of canals and drains with equipment as: Cat 613-B's, Cat 623-B's, Cat D-8's with Scrapers or Dozers, Cat D-7G LGP Dozer, Cat 235 Excavator, North West Dragline 28-D, Compactors, Water Wagons and Trucks.


Clark Brothers has this qualifications: 42 years of experience, Past National Contractor of the Year awarded by Land Improvement Contractors of America, Past National President of the Land Improvement Contractors of America, licensed and bonded California Contractor. It has developed computer programs to calculate land leveling field design, yardage shrinkage, and acreage, it has worked with Caterpillar, developed better land leveling techniques and designed equipment. Clark Brothers is one of the largest land leveling contractors in the U.S. and this makes it the best in its industry.