Royal Trucking Co: The King of the Efficiency


In the kingdom of transportation, you can find in Royal Trucking, a company providing over-the-road, van and flatbed equipment for costumers with various transportation needs in the regional and nationwide market.

The first and most important goal for Royal Trucking is to provide high quality, cost efficient, responsive freight service from coast to coast and always treat its customers like Knights of the Round Table, that is to say, with respect.

Royal Trucking Company is located in West Point, MS. It is a trucking business growing at a steady pace, which emphasizes premium quality, coordination and communications between the company, shippers, brokers and employees.

Some of the regal services they offer are integrated operations control, Qualcomm Mobile Communications Interface, experienced, professional transportation personnel, truck load or LTL services, capacity to handle business surges and many others. At the present, the company has a current fleet of 200 trucks and 300 vans, flatbeds and specialized trailers such as gooseneck trailers, 48 flatbed, air ride trailers, step decks, double drops, stretch flatbed, 53 x 102 vans, air ride trailers and pickups.
Among other services, they also offer warehouse services that include 250,000 square feet of space, multiple loading docks, complete drive in facilities, forklift and other special unloading equipment available and 24-hour security.

Therefore, they are a company worthy of the throne their costumers have put them on. Thanks to the hard-work and effort their drivers give to a company that is always looking to employ the best of the kingdom.