Ryder Integrated: The Best Company to Work For

By: Bubbajunk.com

Ryder Integrated Logistics Inc is transportation and logistics Solutions Company that began in 1933 in Miami, Florida. Founder James A. Ryder operated with only one truck, and five years later, Mr. Ryder developed a leasing business when a beverage distributor agreed to lease five new trucks. From that moment, the company began to grow. Today the company operates in Germany, Poland, England, Canada, and Mexico

Ryder has its doors open to any qualified applicant. For this inclusive policy, Fortune named Ryder one of the best American companies for African, Americans, Asians and Hispanics in 1998. That same year Fortune named it the most admired highway transportation company. In addition, the Floridas Commission on the Status of Women recognized Ryder as the best large Florida company for women to work for.

Ryder Integrated is one of the most powerful companies in the transportation industry. Last year, the company reported $5 billion in annual revenue, and by the end of December 2004, the company had a total of 164, 400 trucks, and employed 30, 000 people worldwide.

Ryder Integrated knows that the transportation business is one of the most competitive industries. When the competition is strong and the company opportunities are weak, what distinguishes Ryder from other companies is having a clear corporate objective and a well-built vision.

Ryder has been continuously updating its strategies. Today the company offers diversified customer services, these include: truck rental, vehicle maintenance, vehicle leasing, dedicated contract carriage, supply chain service, distribution operations, transportation solutions, safety and environment, vehicle sales, parts & fuel, also the clients and the shareholders can find get information about customer profiles and global regional services.