Tiger Lines California is Hiring Drivers

By: Bubbajunk.com

Arthur Altnow saw a land of opportunities in San Joaquin Valley. In 1935 when he founded Lodi Truck Service he only had one truck. By 1960 the company was carrying agricultural products and Altnow decided to extend it to dry freight. In 1981, after working many years with their father, Don and Dennis Altnow created a new company called Tiger Lines.

Tiger Lines offers high cube double vans to haul light weight freight according with the California's packing industry. Among Tigers loads are raw products and bulk wine. These products are transported to California, Arizona, Oregon and Nevada. 

You can find Tiger Lines terminals in Long Beach California, Lodi, Oakland and Modesto. The terminal in Lodi is fully equipped; their facilities are technologically advanced. Hundreds of vans, flatbed trailers and power units of Tiger Lines are repaired and properly mainteined by their own mechanics at Lodi's terminal and  Tiger Lines fleet is fully automated with communication technologies. 

Tiger Lines has fully dedicated drivers who are assisted at any time. The company is currently hiring two specific types of drivers: year round freight drivers and seasonal agricultural drivers.