Yandell Truckaway Inc: Sixty Years servicing the State of California

By: Bubbajunk.com

Yandell Truckaway Inc is one of the most modern companies in the transportation industry. With terminals in Oakland (main office), Benicia, Antioch Tracy and Milpitas, they are electronically networked to the main office. This positions Yandell at the top of the companies who utilize new technologies. In addition, their power units have digital two-way communications, cellular phones and trailing equipment with cellular tracking devices.

Founded in the San Francisco Bay Area, Yandells mission statement then and now was to be service oriented. In partnership with Santa Clara Warehouse Inc., a Yandell subsidiary, they provide storage and distribution services. They work with PC systems with Novell and Windows NT servers that offer support both DOS base and Windows based platforms. These programs are used for inventory control and other requirements that their costumers might prefer.

Yandell Truckaway Inc. has systems that also allows for communication by either EDI or the Internet to create a paperless environment when possible. One of the most important things for a company in this day and age is to remain competitive in the marketplace. This is why this company has implemented the best technology in their work. They are leaders in costumer service by giving an efficient and practical answer to their costumers' needs.

Yandell is committed to the highest standards of quality and for that reason, it gives a complete service. It offers full reselecting of glass and plastic bottles for the exclusion of bad products or defects. That is to say, they handle the costumers' product as if it were of their own.

Therefore, if you are looking for a great company, Yandell Truckaway is the one. It has the equipment specifically made to transport the maximum freight by either weight or cube. They are innovating with a few of the 53' x 102'' dry vans that have three axles instead of two, to be able to carry the heaviest loads allowed in California. Do not take a risk, choose them!