Bulk Transit Corporation: a Dry Bulk Transportation

By: Bubbajunk.com

Bulk Transit Corporation is a company specialized in dry bulk commodities transportation since 25 years ago. This company is focused on the attention given to the customers; at Bulk Transit, they believe that quality is defined by their customers.

The goal of the company is to add value to their clients' products by bringing them professional on- time, error free, pick up and delivery. This way, it continually improves its service and is constantly welcoming new ideas from its customers and employees.


Bulk Transits fleet is equipped with automatic vehicle tracking (AVT). This system provides the location of the vehicle, allows for emergency voice contact, reduces empty miles, improves load planning and gives an effective communication. Another plus is the global positioning satellite (GPS), which is used to locate the vehicles anytime, anywhere.


The company is specialized in dry bulk freight such as plastics, lime, sand and cornstarch, cement. It is also equipped to transport food, corn syrup and fats and fish oil. 


Bulk Transit Corporation is constantly employing good drivers. It offers an excellent pay and top of the line benefits; they are paid a monthly safety bonuses based on seniority and safe driving, and the potential drivers are required to be at least 22 years old and must have 2 years of experience. Bulk offers to its employees a benefits package that includes health insurance (medical, dental, vision and prescription), life insurance, paid holidays, paid vacations and flexible spending accounts.