Navajo Shippers, Inc. Selects Planning Solutions from Integrated Decision Support Corp.


Navajo Shippers, Inc., a premier provider of temperature controlled transportation services throughout the United States and Canada, has announced their selection of Netwise Enterprise and Netwise Frontline decision support solutions from Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC).

The Netwise solutions are designed to quickly calculate yield measurement, historical analysis, pricing simulations, and network balance optimization to determine the most accurate profitability of each truckload movement.

"We plan to use these strategic solutions to minimize cost, optimize our minute-by-minute logistical decisions and to analyze the yield and profitability of each lane and each customer," said Jim Jaworski of Navajo Shippers, Inc.

Netwise Enterprise provides the yield-based continuous profitability backbone for all functions within the enterprise. Specific functions include yield management, shipper bid response, "what-if" analysis, and optimization of the freight mix. An essential benefit of Netwise Enterprise is the knowledge of the yield of all logistical moves?past, present and hypothetically. Netwise Frontline is a resident AS/400 system that provides the frontline with access to key yield management intelligence to solicit the most profitable freight, maximize equipment utilization and driver time at home. Netwise Enterprise and Netwise Frontline are exceptional for achieving network balance and maintaining yield management within an organization.

"We are very excited about Navajo's decision to install IDSC's optimization solutions," said Dave Harris, Vice President of Sales and Marketing for IDSC. "We expect that they will enjoy a competitive advantage using our planning solutions and an increase in overall profitability."