Action Express: 30 Years Leading the Way


Action Express is the leader in same-day logistics solutions. They are to be trusted to avoid everyday shipments to be mishandled, delayed, damaged, or lost in transit.

For more than 30 years, Action Express has focused on working only on the same-day industry. Its technology helps Action Express assure its customers that they will always know the exact location of their products. Every item has a unique code. Drivers can electronically document every stage of the deliveries, from the moment the pick-up, sorting and to the final delivery stage in the process, by using hand-held 2 way devices. 

An additional element of security is provided when the signature of the recipient is recorded at the moment of delivery. A memo field permanently records customer feedback. 

Via the Internet you can get real-time information of the status of your package and receive detailed management reports that will help you track and measure key indices.

Routes are advised in detail which improves cycle times while tracking eliminates any delay caused while searching items.

In order to live up to quality standards, Action Express has made quality control their main concern. Drivers receive an intensive training in areas like technology, customer service, driving, package handling and more logistics-related topics.

Their staff has a safety expert that handles security issues in order to keep the company in line with government regulations and help Action Express maintain 100% compliance with DOT, FDA, DEA and state health laws.

Action Express is a mix of the latest technology and old-fashioned smart thinking. They continue to provide high quality same-day service to their customers, and this helps them solve a long-lasting problem.