Dohrn Transfer Co: a Midwest Family Business


Dohrn Transfer Company began when its founder, Charles Dohrn offered to carry freight through the Quad Cities. By 1921 Mr. Dohrn had bought an open federal truck. Since that moment to 1980, the Dohrn Transfer Company worked with goods deliveries, counting with over 30 cities in 14 states and with 2000 units.


But in 1980 the company was sold to Tiger International, which in 1981 went bankrupt so the only founder family member, Gary Charles Dohrn made reborn the company with its original name: Dohrn Transfer Co.


Dohrn Transfer transformed from 3 people business to over 600 employees in 2003. This is a family business so the Dohrn s wife, his daughter, son and his son in law work for the company. 


The terminals are located through the Midwest; in Omaha, Nebraska, Rock Island, Litchfield and Rock Falls, Illinois; Des Moines, Spencer, Mason City and Siux City, Iowa.  


Dohrn Transfer Company specializes in LTL service, but also offers additional assistant to the client like the truckload mode, warehousing and local cartage services. Additionally, Dohrn Transfer offer the option to create a package service that fits in the customer need.


Dohrn Transfer Co's company fleet consists of 265 tractors, 850 trailers Vans, 20 flat beds,

4 courtain side trailers, 15 refrigerated trailers, 15 straight trucks, lift gate equipment, and more. All the truck are cellular equipped and the real time tracking for the client.