H.R. Ewell Inc.: Eastern Biggest Food Industry Transporter

By: Bubbajunk.com

H. R. Ewell Inc. was founded in 1946 transporting products from Lancaster County, Pennsylvania to Philadelphia and New York. Then they expanded their services to Baltimore where they started transporting milk hauler and liquid sugar in bulk amounts from refineries.


The demand for more sanitary transportation caused H.R. to diversify in scope and equipment, for this they added pneumatic and food grade dump trailers, and by the 80s had a fleet of tanker trucks transporting vegetable oils, liquid chocolate, liquid and dry sugar, corn, syrup and starch. Today it is the largest bulk food transporter in the eastern US; their service centers are located from New York to the Midwest operating from six locations with over 350 modern, kosher certified trailers serving the food industry.


H.R. Ewell Inc's equipment is composed of a fleet of 200 tractors and over 350 food grade trailers. The trailer fleet consists of Walker, Heil, Brenner and ST&E tanks; the refrigerated trailers consist of Great Done, Utility, Timpte and American. 

At the moment they are looking for committed drivers that offer good customer service.