Tree of Life: Thinking Natural and Living Well Philosophy


Tree of Life Inc was founded in 1969 a small neighborhood grocery store on Anastasia Island, of the coast of Matanzas Bay in St. Augustine, Florida. Ever since, this company has grown much in providing natural foods. It is specialized in a wide range of organic, gourmet and varying foods from abroad. Tree of Life is a proud leader in providing retailers with these healthy foods to from coast to coast. Since its beginning, the number of Americans who have changed their lifestyles into this healthy trend has increased, and it is for this new interest that Tree of Life is committed to give the best products.

The mission and strategy at Tree of Life is to continue the good relationship between the healthy shopper and the retailers where they shop. As the number one distributor of natural and organic food products, this company has helped thousand of retailers, from the largest supermarket chains to the smallest independent stores.

Tree of Life not only provides retailers in the United States, but also to the Caribbean and now Canada. They have an exquisite variety of products that you can enjoy on your table. They also offer the marketing service of Smart AssortmentSM which matches the needs of the shoppers with the individual retail stores where they obtain these products.

Some of their products are organic tofu, organic cheese, fat-free crackers, Harvest Moon fruit spreads, Miramonte tuna, and many others you will be pleased to enjoy. They also offer a full line of important nutritional supplements ranging from Vitamins and Minerals, to Herb, EFAs and specialty formulations.

Therefore, do not forget that if you choose a start a healthier lifestyle, Tree of Life products are found throughout many retailers across the country.