Hogan Transport, Inc. Implements Trip Alert from IDSC for Global Event and Cargo Monitoring

By: Bubbajunk.com

04.11.2005 St. Louis, MO - 
Hogan Transport, Inc., a family owned and operated premier transportation provider operating over 1000 power units throughout the United States and Canada, has announced their selection of Trip Alert software from Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC). Trip Alert provides real-time global asset tracking management and event monitoring to improve customer value while minimizing cost in out-of-route miles.

"We are adding Trip Alert to our technology program so that we can continue to offer our customers the greatest in freight protection and security," said Vaughn Yow, Director of Operations System Fleet for Hogan.

Trip Alert, an advanced asset tracking management solution, offers global visibility of an entire fleet with continuous monitoring of each vehicle position. Trip Alert automatically sends notification if a driver is out-of-route and/or is going to be late. Trip Alert doubles return on investment by tracking high-value cargo and hazmat security while reducing costs in out-of-route miles. Trip Alert also offers proactive swap opportunities for improving equipment and driver utilization and customer service. Trip Alert offers the ability to create standard and custom geofencing to provide the ultimate in cargo security.

"Asset control optimization is the most technologically advanced approach to systematically reducing out-of-route miles costs," said Patrick Russell, Area Sales Manager for IDSC. "The ability to have visual status of your entire fleet offers additional cost benefits in safety, security, and customer service.

About Hogan Transport, Inc.
Hogan Transports, Inc. offers coast-to-coast truckload services throughout the continental United States as well as Canada. A combination of single and team drivers domiciled strategically at our various service facilities offers us the flexibility to handle expedited long haul shipments, as well as medium and short haul shipments, on a nationwide basis. Founded in 1918, Hogan Transport, Inc. is family owned and operated with third generation family running the business today, operating over 1000 power units employed with TMW Systems dispatch and Qualcomm mobile communications state-of-the-art technologies.

About Integrated Decision Support Corporation
Integrated Decision Support Corporation (IDSC) celebrates over 25 years as a leading provider of decision support software for the truckload carrier, serving customers representing over 70,000 power units and the "Top 100" carrier market. IDSC is recognized as a pioneer in the industry and for developing innovative software technologies that include the first power-to-load match optimization introduced in 1978 and the first fuel optimization program introduced in 1994. IDSC is committed to providing customers with a strategic advantage by accelerating profitability through the use of optimization-based decision support planning and execution software.