Pacific Motor Transport


Pacific Motor Trucking is a Jack Cooper Transport Subsidiary with a solid reputation in the transport industry for over 70 years. It is a major privately owned carrier for auto transportation in the nation.


Operated by Jack Coopers grandson, it has 12 terminals throughout the Midwest and West of the United States, professional drivers and large fleet over 800 tucks. Pacific Motor Trucking has the mission to transport vehicles in a manner that strives to meet and exceed the customers expectations: it delivers in a timely fashion, with valuable and a damage free performance.


The primary service is the transportation of new and pre-owned passenger vehicles, lights truck and sport utility vehicles. It also offers assistance, whether it is needed for assembly plants, ports, railheads, delivery operations of pre-owned vehicles or a single automobile move. All this is done with a competitive price and a safe and reliable delivery schedule.


Low damage frequency and an extraordinary on-time delivery record are just a couple of reasons why General Motors has presented to JCT/PMT numerous quality awards over the years including recognition as Carrier of the Year.


Jack Cooper Transport Co. and Pacific Motor Trucking are equal opportunity employers; they select only the best qualified workers with the policy to provide opportunities without regards to sex, religion, marital status, medical condition, age or race.


Occasionally they offer jobs as Commercial Motor Vehicle Operator, Terminal Supervisor, Maintenance Supervisor, Mechanic or clerk.