Western Express: Focused on What Their Customer Needs

By: Bubbajunk.com

In 1991 Donna and Wayne Wise founded Western Express; a company that produces more than $220,000,000 in annual earnings. It took them only ten years to become a large truckload carrier.     

Their strategic acquisitions and internal growth explains how Western Express evolved as quickly as they did. They offer dedicated Fleet Services, Flatbed Transportation and Truckload Van. The company operates 1500 power units and more than 3000 trailers.

They focus on providing an extraordinary service. The company seeks to serve every need that their customers have while keeping track of lanes and areas that will allow them to solidify themselves while making them more profitable.

Western Express employees are the companys bright spot. They care about each other and their main concern is the satisfaction of every customer. Theyre always willing to help customers and coworkers, this fuels their success and continuous development.

The company is proud of their new headquarters and service center in Nashville Tennessee. Other service centers are located in Alabama in Decatur, Atmore and Birmingham.

Western Express wants to continue to establish themselves as a profitable company where their environment allows employees to achieve goals that help them grow as professionals and persons and they're willing to invest in their community by using all their resources.