Alan Ritchey Inc


Allan Ritchey Company operates from the Atlantic to the Pacific, founded in 1963 with roots in mail delivering. They have recently experienced quick growth, accomplished through expansion of the existing business and acquisition of outside companies.


Their primary function is transporting mail for the United States Postal Service, and their trucks carry commodities for their feed mill and dairy farm division and freight for a few transportation brokerages.


ARI demonstrates fast delivery preformance, quick response capabilities and great project management. They dont forget their roots so they, and always focus on being reliable, on time and delivering a high quality service.


Alan Ritchey operates coast to coast, 31,000,000+ annual miles, 200+ trucks, 1800+ trailers, 400+ drivers (50+ Million Milers), numerous driver safety awards, 24-hour computerized dispatch, 24-hour maintenance, 99%+ on-time performance on USPS routes, and USPS Eagle Spirit Award for service excellence.


Alan Ritchey's mission is to give their customers superior quality, the best service, reliability and value. They are dedicated to long term relationships to maximize opportunities for everyone.