United Petroleum Transport offers job opportunities

By: Bubbajunk.com

Located in Oklahoma City, the United Petroleum Transport Company together with the Oklahoma Tank Lines forces work to provide transport service to the oil market.  Materials like lube oils, petrochemicals and asphalt are transported everyday by United Petroleum Transport (UPT).


United Petroleum Transport's founder is Keith Price who in 1966 first started the company Oklahoma Tank Lines with a leased truck in Oklahoma. Later, Mr. Price put together OTL with UPT and expanded its service until he had more than 350 trucks and operations center in Arizona, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Texas and Kansas. Today, Princes sons, Greg and Kevin, manage the company group.


The fleet of OTL and UPT is specialized in the particular kind of materials they haul. Today, they have 500 trailers which are stainless steel and built to carrying petro chemicals, caustics naphtha, solvents and mineral spirits, among others. 

To get a United Petroleum Transport job, you must pass its motor vehicle record checks, physical exams, road test and drug screening.  You must also be at least 23 years of age with one or two years of truck driving experience, and the proper CDL with hazmat permission.