American Trailer and Storage: Your Transportation and Storage Provider


American Trailer and Storage is a portable provider with a large fleet of semi-trailers in many different sizes and colors.

American Trailer and Storage offers a superior security system, ground level access, construction grade for site work, set in parking lot near buildings, single or double door containers and much more.

American Trailer and Storage maintains a fleet of specialized trucks that insure that the delivery and pickup of the containers/trailers is a smooth, quick and convenient operation and also has prompt, professional, courteous and trained drivers to assure safe and proper placement of your storage container.

Each container has a security lock box system known as the Enforcer that protects your stored goods like no other system used in agricultural supplies, construction site tools and supplies, recreational equipment and secure supply depot.

American Trailer and Storage has delivery planning that consists of Advance Notice (you must provide a minimum of 24 hours to notice them or your required pickup or delivery date, time and location), Size or Location (insure that you have at least of 15 feet of width available in the storage location and length 2 times the length of the container/trailer required.) and door direction.