TNT Logistics partners with Optiant for use of strategic supply chain analysis and design software


TNT Logistics, a leading global provider of supply chain services, announces it will use Optiants award-winning PowerChain suite to help its customers analyse their supply chain on the most strategic level and lower supply chain costs by eliminating inefficiencies in the logistics processes. The new approach in Optiants products provides TNT Logistics with an end-to-end view of all key considerations and variables in the supply chain.

80% of total lifecycle costs are determined during the development of the supply chain, when the strategic and tactical design decisions are taken. When examining a customers complex supply chain TNT Logistics, by applying Optiants solution for supply chain design and optimisation, will be able to advise in an early stage on principle decisions related to variables like raw material sources, production and storage sites and as well as modelling product flows. The right decisions may lead to significant savings in inventory cost.

Traditionally manufacturers confronted their logistics service providers with a given, basic supply chain design, within which 3PLs aim for continuous optimisation. This partnership between TNT Logistics and Optiant meets growing customer awareness of the need for innovative answers to the challenge of managing inventory and stock flows under ever-changing market conditions. Todays supply chains are as much about right-sizing inventory levels and the logical positioning of products throughout the network, as they are about the ability to move materials effectively between multiple trading partners, said Keith Goldsmith, vice president of technology for TNT Logistics.

Optiants PowerChain suite enhances our ability to help customers further reduce their costs by modelling product flows from raw material states all the way through the final points of consumption. This will help our customers eliminate waste from their operations, a major leap forward in the quest for operational excellence.

TNT is synonymous with leading customer service and integrated logistics solutions that solve challenges in the complex supply chain, said Jonathan Colehower, Optiants president and CEO. Were very pleased to join forces with TNT and bring a new level of value and strategic advantage through superior supply chain design to its global customers.