Watkins Canada Express Expands

By: Bubbajunk.com

On August 2005, Watkins Canada Express (WCE) opened its newest terminal in London, Ontario. With 15 doors and room to expand, this location will provide direct service to the southwest Ontario market, including Windsor.

By opening this new terminal we can now offer our customers direct service to Canada's fourth largest international market, said Roy MacKay, WCE executive vice president and general manager. Operationally, London is the perfect gateway for international shipments to and from the Midwest states; and coupled with our Montreal location, it gives us excellent coverage for this part of the country.

The Montreal terminal, which opened in early March, services the entire province of Quebec. In addition to providing exceptional service to the New England states, Watkins Canada Express now offers expanded next-day service between Ontario and Quebec.

Watkins Canada Express is a wholly owned subsidiary of Watkins Associated Industries and a sister company of Watkins Motor Lines. The two carriers work together to deliver seamless cross-border service to their customers.