Blue Flash Express: Aiming for Excellence


In 1979 carrier experts in warehouse of chemicals and plastics started Blue Flash Express. The company has more than 300 employees and 210 trucks that operate from terminals across the United States.

They transport bulk liquids like herbicides but they mainly specialize in transporting plastic resins; theyre known in the plastics industry as the premier transporters of these materials but theyre not limited to carry these products, they also handle salt, flour, sugar, alumina, corn, urea, soda ash and calcium chloride.  

When it comes to recruit drivers the company hires people with great driving records. Along with excellent driving skills Blue Flash Express needs responsible and proud drivers.

The company provides an extensive training in Blue Flash Express procedures as well as in the procedures of their customers. This training pretends to assure their clients that they will receive an outstanding service.    

They want to give their customers safe and efficient transportation of dry and liquid bulk products. Blue Flash Express wants their clients to know that theyre dependable and that they can rely on the company.  

Blue Flash is in a continuous search of excellence. Customer satisfaction is a fundamental priority; they want to live up to what their customers want. Their expectations have to be fully satisfied, safely and timely with low cost.

Theyre part of the American Chemistry Councils Responsible Care program. The company carries special kits called: Operation Clean Sweep. These kits have a design that captures and recovers small spills.