New Penn's 5 qualities to better performance


New Penn Motor Express Inc is a regional less-than-truckload (LTL) carrier from Lebanon, PA that provides fast delivery services to the East coast, Ontario and Quebec in Canada and to Puerto Rico. It also offers services to the Midwest and Southeast in the USA and to the rest of Canada as New Penn joins together with partner carriers in those regions. It offers this extensive service with a fleet of over 850 tractors and 1,700 trailers operated by over 2,000 people. It is considered as one of the most efficiently managed carriers in the industry.
New Penn believes in 5 key characteristics that accelerate the path to a better performance: Speed, Reliability, Responsiveness, Flexibility, and Efficiency. These five goals are the motivating forces behind the excellent performance of New Penn. It initiated the speedy next-day delivery service in the Northeast, and its performance is that of over 94% of shipments delivered the next day. In terms of reliability, it unites high technology and original freight handling methods that result in a track record of 99.8% of pickups made as scheduled, over 97% are on time transit, and it has a .34% cargo claims ration, less than half of the average in the industry. The responsiveness is present in the manner that customer services provide fast and accurate information with fast-fax, EDI, PC dial-in and an interactive website. The flexibility of the business is seen in the wide arrange of services that New Penn has undertaken to suit the different needs of the customers; with the wide variety of tractors and trailers, it offers regional and interregional coverage, import/export services, flexible pick-up and delivery times and multiple billing options. And finally, the efficiency of the overall service is achieved with the use of new freight handling techniques, information systems, cost control and advanced productivity. The outcome is the efficacy of competitive prices, a financially solid business with advanced technologies, facilities and systems.

With these 5 qualities in New Penns services, it has gained a reputation of delivering only the best services. There are plenty of opportunities to be a part of this dedicated and highly regarded team. For the excellent productive efforts put forth by the employees, they are rewarded with an inclusive benefits package for full-time workers and plenty of flexibility in schedules and in benefits for part-time workers. It is a great opportunity to take pride in working in a reputed company offering the best in the industry.