California Cartage Inc.


California Cartage Inc. is a family-owned and controlled company that started operations in 1944 as a small pick up and delivery carrier. It supported the aircraft industry of the country during the war. It has expanded into a Southern California, and it has also opened facilities in the port of Savannah, Georgia, Elwood, Illinois and in the port of Oakland, California.


Some of the services offered by California Cartage are: retail services; drayage, deconsolidation, web tracking, warehousing and specialized services to the retail industry; for vendors they are fully compliant with the EDI standards required by the major retailers. In both coasts, California Cartage can integrate the cargo into the supply chain. It also offers the warehousing service, the company has on disposition over three million square feet warehouse space strategically located at major ports, border and transit areas across the nation. Whether it is loose cartons, pallets, or slip sheets, drums, bundles or rolls, they handle them safely and quickly as possible.


The trucking of California Cartage has over 950 owner-operators in their fleets, the company handles container drayage, cross-border drayage, overdimensional drayage, brokering and line haul. For the services of deconsolidation and distribution they have over 1200 owner-operators to provide drayage, intermodal drayage and consolidation trucking services to their warehouses. The company has specific terminals in three locations; in Southern California, as well as in San Diego, Seattle and several points along the border with Mexico.