Sammons Trucking Company: the Best in the Transportation Service


Sammons Trucking started transporting lumber and exempt cargo between the Midwest and the Pacific Northwest. Then, it became a hauler of general commodities specializing in flatbed shipment across the nation. This company has been a purely Owner Operator Company but then they added some company trucks to expand its fleet. Today, the fleet includes steps, double drops and RGNs in addition to the base of flatbeds.  

Sammons is a privately owned company that believes in the competitive free enterprise nature of the trucking industry. This company can respond professionally and quickly to any situation, since every office has instant access to a centralized database.

The fleet consists of hundreds of single truck owner operators and multi-truck fleet owners. It also brings support with management, marketing staff, friendly safety specialists and efficient settlement personnel; each one of them is a professional in each area. The twelve regional Sammons terminals work directly with the customers as well as the contractors on a daily basis to pre-plan next load and destination preference.

Sammons Heavy Haul Division has been growing since 1996 and has become a large fleet of decks and RGN double drops with a competitive and proactive program.

To protect your cargo they emphasize on accident-free miles and perform regular, strict inspections of the fleet. Their safety programs include new driver orientation and on-going performance reviews.

Sammons has the reputation to employ only the fast safest and most skilled drivers and owner-operators. This is to guarantee its customers that their goods will be picked up and delivered on time, and will reach your destination in the same state as it was when took off.

If you are looking for a home company Sammons Trucking Company offers $.28-$.30 per mile on loaded and deadhead miles. $.04 per mile additional on over additional on over dimensional loads, tarp pay, additional stop pay, paid medical insurance for the driver, paid vacation, 401K plan available and also lease-purchase program available. Also the company pays $500 to anyone who refers an owner operator to them. It is an easy way to earn money!