McKenzie Tank Lines: Where the Customer is the Boss!


Fifty years ago McKenzie Tank Lines started their functions with only a few tractors and trailers on their fleet which transported fuel and other materials in North Florida.

Nowadays McKenzie operates with more than 500 tractors and 1,000 trailers and with a staff of over 800 members. They provide services in 30 locations, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, all over the United States and Canada.

McKenzie has a fleet that includes stainless steel, aluminum, high pressure, dry bulk, and specialized tanks, vans and stainless trailers specially built to fit the clients requirements.

As they say, their main goal is to continue moderate expansion while attempting to maintain the maximum level of satisfaction. Therefore one of their most important focuses is to feed the customer-employee relationship at all times. This is the reason why they have established a Dedicated Logistic Operation (DLO).

They provide complete outsource about transportation and distribution requirements with the implementation of a Dedicated Logistic Operation at a specific plant site. Moreover, they increase client-company communication with an amazing level of participation offering a more profound insight into the plant business allowing the identification of cheaper opportunities and more efficient operations. It also serves as a way to manage a more open, easy and fluent communication with their customers.

With Dedicated Logistic Operation McKenzie acquired new techniques of control based on statistics which serve to develop Key Performance Indicators. 

In order to develop these indicators, Total Quality Management Concepts are used. This is easily shown with the scheduled management of loads within windows of time, periodical monitoring of performance, daily meetings at the plant and regular meetings between partners.

To summarize, McKenzie takes care and takes the responsibility to coordinate all the transportation needs of their customers.