Howell's Motor Freig: Quality Service Throughout the Years


Howell's Motor Freig is known for the way it treats its employees and independent contractors; they are all considered family and they are treated like that, instantly creating a pleasant work environment.

Howell's is proud of what it has accomplished along with its personnel. Years go by and they manage to keep providing customers with supreme quality service.            

Since its foundation in 1957, this Virginia based freight carrier provides temperature controlled truckload and distribution services. The main customers are the wholesale/retail food and grocery industry and its suppliers.

Howell's approach to business is proud and professional. It is committed to provide the best service. The quality of the service and the dedication is what gives this company the great reputation it has.

Many companies feel attracted to them; throughout the years they have created and maintained a long list of satisfied customers. Some of them are: M&M/Mars, Nestle, Wrigley, Nabisco, Hershey Chocolate and Warner-Lambert.

They own and operate 200 power units and 390 refrigerated trailers. The company constantly upgrades its whole fleet. This ensures the kind of service that customers deserve: a dedicated service full of high quality, consistency and efficiency.

Howells trailer fleet features 48' and 53' equipment. Each and every truck is equipped with a satellite communications system called Qualcomm OmniTRACS. This system allows for constant two-way communications and tracking. This is extremely important because it ensures efficiency and is a proof of professionalism that Howell is committed to provide.

Safety comes first in the list of priorities of Howell's. They have a careful hiring process; they offer constant training and incentives. They have a strong operational support.