Decker Truck Line Inc: Quality of First Class


Over the past 60 years, Decker Truck Line Inc has provided one of the best services available in the truck transportation marketplace. In 1931 they started with just one truck, and nowadays, the company operates over 400 units. Their motto is: "We dont want to be the biggest, just the best: best service, best equipment, and best independent contractors".

Decker companies have managed to hire the best team of experienced mechanics, who along with their drivers and their office staff are responsible for a maintenance program of the highest standard of excellence in the industry.

Decker Truck Line has strived for an efficient attitude that results in just-in-time deliveries and scheduled appointment times in accordance with shipper and consignee requests, which have given the company the best of reputations. Deckers quality is shown by the facts that their drivers are properly trained in loading and unloading procedures to minimize the potential of injury and that all equipments must go through a safety lane at the end of each trip.

If you want to be part of Decker's team of drivers, just take into account that workers from this company enjoy of one of the nicest work environments and many benefits such as: health insurance for drivers and family members, flexible spending benefit plans where you may set aside pre-tax dollars for reimbursed medical expenses and child care, dental and cancer insurance programs, and a life insurance that is free to drivers and their families.

Either as a worker or as a client, Decker Truck Line offers the best options of the industry. Their philosophy of focusing on the quality of their job far beyond the quantity, has given them the honor of being considered one of the most important companies in this market.