By: Bubbajunk.com

Pittsburgh, PA (June 13, 2005) - - PITT OHIO EXPRESS was awarded three safety honors from the American Trucking Association (ATA) in 2004. PITT OHIO was chosen for these awards because of its low accident frequency.


The ATA presented PITT OHIO with first place honors in the General Commodities LTL/Line haul Division and the General Commodities LTL/Local Division, both between 10-50 million miles. With 1,001 5,000 employees, PITT OHIO received fourth place in the General Commodities LTL Division.


Ron Uriah, Vice President of Safety for PITT OHIO EXPRESS said, These awards are a result of the combined efforts of our Drivers, Terminal Managers, Terminal Supervisors, Directors of LTL, Vehicle Maintenance, and our Senior Driver Trainers working collectively to achieve these results.


The awards are determined by statistics based on accident frequency for a LTL carrier that travels over 10 to 50 million miles. For every million miles traveled, PITT OHIO had .081 line haul accidents and .29 local accidents in 2004.


Mr. Uriah also credits the programs offered by the Senior Driver Trainers, and the support of the Terminal Managers and Operational Personnel to be significant contributions to these achievements and our outstanding safety culture over the years. Commitment to safety starts at the top and Chuck Hammel deserves the credit for continuing this tradition, says Mr. Uriah.


Jeff Mercadante, Director of Safety at PITT OHIO EXPRESS, said, These significant PITT OHIO EXPRESS achievements are a direct reflection of our unwavering dedication to safety by our drivers and dockworkers.


Mr. Mercadante also commented that the safety programs disseminated by the Safety Department could not be successful without the leadership of PITT OHIOs President, Chuck Hammel and the cooperation of the Terminal Managers and Operations Personnel. We would like to acknowledge our drivers, dockworkers, senior trainers, safety department and vehicle maintenance staff for their continued support in our ongoing efforts toward safety excellence.


In standing behind their Were Always There For You philosophy, PITT OHIO EXPRESS is dedicated to providing their customers with the best value in LTL transportation. Headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, PITT OHIO EXPRESS services the entire Mid-Atlantic Region including Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, the Detroit, Michigan area and Chicago, Illinois.