Owens & Minor Distribution Helps Customers

By: Bubbajunk.com

Owens & Minor Distribution is a well known company that offers supply chain solutions. It is the leading distributor of name-brand medical and surgical supplies in the United States. The company intends to help customers control the costs of healthcare and improve the management of their inventories.

Owens & Minor is committed to serve more than 4,000 hospital customers. They provide this service with a vast distribution network. They offer diverse products, technological advances, and expert knowledge of technology, logistics and a well structured supply-chain management. 

They have a culture based on teaching and learning. This culture ensures the growth of the employees and educates them by challenging them to become the best in their fields. It is based on the idea that they can fully comprehend the dynamic process of their market and the needs of their customer base. 

Owens & Minor is managed with high ethical standards and integrity. Employees must act responsibly. They must develop a social manner that concentrates their efforts in the well being of the community. Teammates have to treat each other with respect in order to maintain a positive work environment.     

The company believes that to make a difference in the industry it all starts in the workplace. Owens & Minor encourages its employees to view each other as customers. The way they act among themselves has a positive impact in their customers.
The company works as world-class leaders; they serve a selected segment of the healthcare business. 

Their home offices are located in Richmond, Virginia. They also have 40 distribution centers across the nation.