Kane Is Able Inc. Has Carrer Opportunities

By: Bubbajunk.com

Kane Is Able Inc. provides work for over 500 associates; they're recognized because they're leading Fortune 500 companies because of the high quality service that they offer. They operate modern facilities that cover over 2 million sq. ft. and include conditioned, dry, temperature/humidity controlled, cross-docking and packaging-fulfillment centers. Kane's fleet provides consolidations on LTL, dry refrigerated and frozen products as well as truckload high cube orders.

They provide warehousing services like radio frequency, bar coding, E.D.I., food grade storage, controlled temperature storage, product rotation, lot control, product hold/recall and recoup and value added services like:  labeling, import/export, custom software,  pick and pack, display assembly and much more.

Kane's convenient facility location is at the hub of an interstate highway network, linking interstates 80, 81, 84, 380 and the Pennsylvania Turnpike extending in the Boston to Washington corridor. They alsooffer their customers a diverse list of transportation options, intermodal ramp on site, pier and container service with operating interchange agreements with all major steamship lines.

Customer services is really important to Kane; they realize that the difference between trucks and distribution centers is the level of focus in satisfying customers.

The success of Kane is obtained by creating exciting career opportunities for talented people in all levels: company drivers, owner operators, warehouse associates, customer service and administration personnel.