Allegiance Healthcare: Part of Cardinal Health


Allegiance Healthcare Corporation (a manufacturer and distributor of surgical products) was bought by Cardinal Health in February 1999. Cardinal Health is a company that as the name says is involved in the health care market. They built a pharmaceutical area, made hospital products and built a diagnostic laboratory.

The company began as a food wholesaler: Cardinal Foods Inc., founded by Robert Walter in 1971. In 1980 with the acquisition of Bailey Drug Company, Cardinal Distributions got in to the drug and health market.


Until 1994, Cardinal Distributions had increased their size by buying and getting partnerships with drug companies. In 1994 the company changed their name to Cardinal Health. More acquisitions of companies made Cardinal Health the third largest pharmaceutical company in the country.


Today, Cardinal Health employs 55000 persons, and  425 of them are out of the country. Distribution affairs are an important part of Cardinal Health. They have a national network that has to distribute six pharmaceutical products.  About 33000 locations among retailers, hospitals and customers are attended by this huge business branch.


The Specialty Pharmaceutical Distribution carries therapeutic plasma products, medical supplies and vaccines to doctor offices and sites out of the hospitals. It also covers the entire nation. Job opportunities are opened for professionals drivers; the requirements may vary according to the kind of position.