CRST Van Expedited Hits a Homerun!!


A year ago four mothers decided to pull together a group of young boys (about 10) to do service-type projects for the community. The objective was to remind these young men of how truly fortunate they were. The moms wanted them to understand that they should not take what they have for granted. They began their community service projects by picking up trash along the roadside and singing Christmas carols at nursing homes.

Later on in August 2004 the boys found an article in a kids magazine about a little boy from the east coast who delivered baseball equipment to children on an island in the Caribbean. After reading the article it took about ten seconds for the boys to buy into the idea of helping less fortunate children get baseball equipment.

The Arizona Diamondbacks has a farm team in our community called the Missoula Osprey, which coincidentally, in 2004 had 14+ Latin America players. The boys had met some of the players through Little League promotional nights. The Ospreys VP/General manager and Little League coach Matt Ellis thought collecting and delivering baseball equipment for less fortunate children was a great idea. The Ospreys VP/General Manager showed his support by donating a case of baseball gloves. In addition, the Little League thought it was a great idea and donated equipment that it wanted to upgrade and/or change out plus three cases of new baseballs.

The boys painted collection boxes, which they left at five locations throughout December 2004.

After the boys had collected all of the baseball equipment, they then turned to the job of getting it to Boca Chico, Dominican Republic (near Santa Domingo).

Jarret Hoke an operations manager for a local moving company took charge of the details. He began calling various trucking companies looking for someone to donate space to haul the baseball equipment to Florida. He was met with a lot of we dont go to Florida, or we only haul full loads, until he called Brian Miller at CRST Van Expedited. Brians response was no problem. What could have been a three-month ordeal; CRST Van did in three days. CRST Van made it happen and happen fast.

Matt Ellis helped one of the mothers make contact with Junior Naboa, the Diamondbacks' Director of Player Operations for Latin America, based in Boca Chico, Dominican Republic near Santa Domingo.

After CRST Van delivered the equipment to Florida, it was flown to Santo Domingo the following week. Junior Naboa picked up the equipment and distributed to kids in the Boca Chico/Santa Domingo area.

CRST loaded and moved cross country 235.5 pounds of bats, gloves, cleats, balls, catcher's gear and batting helmets.

Thanks to CRST Van and Brian Miller who said yes, please share our truck, and its drivers that carried our pallet, numerous children in the Boca Chico near Santa Domingo are enjoying new baseball equipment today.