Roehl Implements New Pay Schedule


Roehl Transport is pleased to announce increases to our mileage pay rates effective February 2nd. Most drivers saw an increase of 2/mile, and senior Drivers up to 3/mile. Several categories of Additional Compensation - Detention, Stop Off, and Hand Load / Unload pay have also increased. For a driver that averages 115,000 miles per year, this is equivalent to a $2,300 to $3,450 annual increase, plus additional compensation.

We're especially pleased with the addition of two new mileage pay levels to recognize long-term employees at 7 years and 15 years (90 and 180 months). New pay levels have also been added for drivers with less than a year of experience, with increases at 3, 6, 9 and 12 months of service. 

We've also created a new Bonus Program - the Safety/Performance Bonus - which we think is productivity oriented, easy to understand, and can provide a significant payout for superior performance. The Safety/Performance allows Roehl Drivers to add significant amounts to their take-home income.