PTS Company and its subsidiary Hadley Auto Transport


PTS (Performance Transportation Services) is made up of carriers that cover different regions: E&L Transport, Leaseway Auto Carriers and Hadley Auto Transport.


Hadley AT counts with seventeen customers served by ten rail ramps, seven attended by three ports and one customer is attended by a border crossing point between West and Southwest.


Among the most important customers of PTS Incorporated are DaimlerChrysler, Ford, American Honda, Suzuki USA, Toyota and Mercedes Benz. In order to succeed, PTS Company has 31 locations across the country and Canada. The fleet of PTS can make up to 800 tractors and trailers in total.


The PTS central office is in Michigan. The company started its work in 1922 as NU Carriers; a company that began to deliver vehicles with only four car trucks. Today it is the second largest vehicle transporting company in the USA. In fact, Performance Transportation Services covers almost 80% of the US population, delivering four million of new and used cars per year approximately.