Ruan Transport Company: Innovative Solutions


Ruan Transport Company is committed to provide customer focused supply chain solutions. For the different needs of each company, it offers a full variety of services on a national and international level, that include contract carriage, logistics management, bulk carriage, warehouse management and RUAN Certified Brokerage Services.


The Dedicated Contract Carriage allows a client company to outsource its entire distribution system. This can be done by utilizing Ruan's ongoing investment in equipment, driver management, a nationwide network of service centers and the latest technologies.


The company also offers the flexibility to tailor the customerÂâ€Ã¢„¢s distribution system to suit its specific needs. Ruan also has the commitment to monitor the distribution to ensure optimization, efficiency and cost effectiveness for each supply chain.


The Ruan experience in logistic management makes it possible to move freight wherever and whenever. It has a vast experience in handling carrier negotiation, route optimization, carrier management, claims management, freight payment, auditing and reporting.


With a state-of-the-art warehouse system, Ruan offers innovative solutions that integrate seamlessly into the transportation model and improves the clientsÂâ€Ã¢„¢ service levels, cycle time and inventory turns.


Company value-added services include facility/yard management, product consolidation, LTL consolidation, kitting, subassembly and container management. The Ruan Certified Brokerage Services provide solutions for one-way truckload freight customers for any type of truck.


As a leader supplier of bulk transportation, Ruan has a specialized fleet from cement to printing inks to food grades like flour, milk, sugar, soybean oil and any type of bulk commodity. For maximum efficiency, there is the central dispatch center, inventory tracking system, computerized routing and 24-hour customer service center.


The HAZMAT-qualified drivers are carefully selected and trained for safe loading and unloading practices. This ensures the health and safety for all the employees, the 9000 ISO is a proof of that.