Sun Belt Transportation Provides Door to Door Service to Mexico


Sun Belt Transportation is owned and managed by the Cumberworth family. In 1942, this family began renting trailers to the shrimp processing industry of Brownsville, Texas. The headquarters are located there next to the deepwater port.    

These truckload carriers serve the transportation needs of many industries giving them a remarkable position. Sun Belt Transportation, J. & G. and Trailer Repair and Santa Fe Brokerage are divisions all of Sun Belt Rentals.

Sun Belt has 100 late-model Kenworth power units and 500 trailers. Most of these 500 trailers are 53-ft "air-ride" vans, 35 flatbed trailers and 35 refrigerated units make up the rest of the fleet.

The facilities of J.&G. Truck and Trailer Repair handle the fixing and maintenance of every tractor and trailer. Their quality, capability, and on-time service gives them the trust of other local trucking companies. When customers bring their equipment to J.& G., they already knowing it is in great hands.  

The company aims at giving on-time transportation services that meet all the safety regulations that the industry requires while satisfying all customer needs.

Sun Belt provides long-haul services that team drivers can choose. The company has warehousing facilities of 100 000 square feet of space.

They also have a terminal in Laredo, Texas and a trailer yard in Matamoros, Mexico. These two plants operate under the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). This way, Sun Belt Transportation guarantees that they will provide logistic services to United States customers with facilities in Mexico.

Some of the companies that use this service are: General Motors, Freightliner, Sony, CASCO, Parker Seal and Union Carbide.