Manfredi Motor Transit is now Dist Tech


John Manfredi and his son Frank started Manfredi Motor Transit Company in 1949.  Their business transported milk from farms in the North of Ohio to Cleveland. By 1980, the company expanded their variety of carried products including chemical and food grade hauling, liquid and dry bulk. 


The company changed their name to Distribution Technologies in 2004. Then the name was shorted to Dist Tech, its present name. Nowadays, Dist Tech has 25 locations across the country in cities like Pacific in Washington, Salt Lake City in Utah, Cleveland, Ohio; Bonita Springs, Florida and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


Safety is extremely important to Dist Tech, they prefer that theirs drivers return home every day. They included driver fatigue monitors to detect tiredness and video systems in the tractors cab to alert the driver about blind points and collision dangers. 


Dist Tech offers the services of Dedicated Contract Carriage, Returnable Container service and the Common carriage service. Inside the Dedicated service, Dist Tech offers advantages like planning of the transportation, proper equipment and technology and on site management.


In the common and returnable carriage services, Dist Tech gives customers the option to fit their fleet characteristics with their particular needs. This system wants to get low costs to their clients. Dist Tech also offers real time visibility by their supply chain via internet.


Dist Tech Company has divided both their fleet and their teams according to their capacities and characteristics. Local OTR and Team are the categories that they have. All the fleet has Wabco ABS brakes, Detroit Diesel or Caterpillar engines, cruise control, air ride, Qualcomm satellite systems and more.     


Working as a driver for Dist Tech Company has benefits like life insurance, bonus programs, vacation policy and more.