ATS Supports Iraqi Reconstruction


In January 2005 ATS Specialized was contacted by a major United States engineering & construction firm, and asked to assist in an Iraqi reconstruction project. The project contained multiple loads from various U.S. vendors, all destined for Eastern U.S. ports for export to Iraq. The loads consisted of a wide range of commodities and required various trailer configurations from legal flatbeds to specialized equipment. ATS was able to manage the tight shipping/port schedules and to date, ATS has safely transported 206 loads in this relief effort.

This reconstruction project of Iraqs Public Works and Water Infrastructure, in both Northern and Southern Iraq included:

*Design/build construction services for the rehabilitation of existing, and construction of new, potable water distribution and treatment systems, municipal sewer collection and treatment systems, and solid waste management systems throughout Iraq

*Restore and enhance reliable potable water supply to the Iraqi population and improve efficiencies in water distribution systems
*Increase sewerage service in cities to provide additional coverage for the total Iraqi population
*Reduce total water loss in supply, water treatment and distribution systems
*Improve solid waste management systems
*Restore or replace identified critical pumping station equipment, standby generators, pumps, and electrical control systems