GTI Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts


10/10/2005: On Aug. 29, Hurricane Katrina devastated areas across the Gulf Coast. The scenes following the storm were of destruction and total loss. The storm and its aftermath prompted the largest response to a single natural disaster in United States history. This staggering need prompted Gordon Trucking employees to action.

GTI employees, along with the Gordon family, donated over $53, 000 to the American Red Cross for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. So far, the American Red Cross has distributed more than $1.2 billion in aid and estimates they will need another $1 billion.

GTI also teamed with Infinity Broadcasting and World Vision. Gordon Trucking donated transportation services to move more than $470,000 worth of clothing and classroom supplies to displaced students.

Thanks to the compassion and generosity of GTI employees, the Gordon family, and the many other contributors across the country, the American Red Cross and World Vision are able to provide assistance to our fellow citizens during this time of need.