G.I. Trucking Company Invests $24 Million in New Fleet Equipment to Meet Customer Needs

By: Bubbajunk.com

Equipment additions reflect continued growth in customer shipments

BREA, CA - To tackle long-term customer shipping demands, G.I. Trucking Company recently invested approximately $24 million in fleet and other facility-related equipment according to Bill Reid, Company President. Included in the most recent acquisitions are 841 Hyundai 28 foot trailers, 338 Hyundai converter dollies, and 29 forklifts. The 28-foot trailers are especially adaptable for short haul options and special delivery challenges.

The company will also get delivery of 338 new tractors over the next two years, half of those in 2005.

The new additions will bring the company's tractor fleet to 876 and the trailer count total to 3835.

To meet a variety of company requirements, G.I. Trucking maintains a fleet that is a combination of single axle and tandem vehicles as well as an expanding number of triples rated tractors to meet P & D and line haul demands.

"In addition to customer shipping needs, major benefits from the investments will be increased fuel economy and enhanced efforts by the company to satisfy safety requirements in the industry," noted Stan Lovell, Vice President for Safety and Maintenance.

The new equipment will be used for regional, national, and international transportation services.

"As we look at growing customer shipping requirements, we must continually expand our capabilities with new tractors, trailers and other equipment. These initiatives help us build the range of company transportation services both within our regional territory and in support of our national and international partners in the ExpressLINK alliance," added Reid.

G.I. Trucking Company provides direct less-than-truckload (LTL) transportation services to 13 Western states from 62 terminals. It also offers transportation services to 50 U.S. states and all of Canada through the ExpressLINK North American services network.