Certified Transportation Professional (CTP): A Quest For Excellence

By: Bubbajunk.com

The Certified Transportation Professional (CTP) is a certification that the National Private Truck Council (NPTC) introduced in 1993.

In order to earn the right to add this title to your name, you have to take an exam and meet several high standards of qualification.   It is recommended to have an equivalent knowledge of at least five years of experience in transportation management.

Many subjects can be covered with previous participation in transportation organizations, formal education, a constant desire for improvement, the search for more knowledge in transportation management and the work that you develop in this industry.

Entering this process involves a lot of dedication, studying and constant research. Some of the main topics are: standards of safety, communication skills, styles of management, analysis of buy and lease initiatives and more.

The exam covers areas like operations, human resources, safety and equipment maintenance but the topic that requires more attention is finances.

NPTC provides tools that future CTPs can use and that will certainly help them. Some of which are: the fleet management Institute, the CTP examination preparation workshop (offered in late January), the fleet learning center (online training), and the private fleet management handbook.

All this effort will eventually produce benefits like professional recognition, more opportunities that will emerge from all the newly gained information and the ability to meet all the objectives and needs of any transportation company.  

More than 450 transportation professionals have the Certified Transportation Professional distinction after their names. It certainly helps distinguish the private fleet transportation professionals from the rest.