Important Safety Issues for Truck Driving Women


Men have always dominated the trucking industry. They occupy most truck stops, warehouses and factories.  This article is for all women but men who drive along with their wife, daughter, sister, friend, etc should also take its advice.

Driving on lonely roads at late hours of the night is dangerous for everyone, especially for truckers.  When you drive alone, try to bring along a man's t-shirt or jacket so that you can put them on the back of the passenger seat. That way other people will think that there is someone else in the truck.

If someone asks if you're driving alone it won't hurt to tell them that your husband is near or that some teammates are coming.

Never feel intimidated by anyone, prove to them that you are not afraid, stare at them, establish eye to eye contact, walk with your head up and try to look around you but never at the ground.

Women must not walk alone around rest areas at night. If you dont have a team partner to walk with, simply don't go because if you do you may become a victim.

Most sexual assaulters or criminals hide in bathroom fences waiting for woman that are alone. If you have a team partner tell him to check the bathrooms and wait for you. Try to carry Mace or Pepper spray and always have it ready to use. 

Armed with this advice, you should be just a little more safe on the roads.  Thank you for doing your part to blur the lines between traditional womens occupations.