Schnuck Markets Inc. Offers a Variety of Services in One Place


Schnuck Markets Inc. is one of the biggest supermarket chains in the U.S.; it was founded in 1939 in Saint Louis by Edwin H. Schnuck and Anna Donovan Schnuck.


The company has been growing up for over 64 years and now they have more than 100 stores in Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and Mississippi. They are the largest family owned company of the United States.


SMI is not just a supermarket chain; in their stores they offer several services that ensure the entertainment and convenience of the American families. You can find services like drugstores, video clubs, florist shops and bakery; you can also buy tickets to see the St. Louis Cardinals play.


They also offer discount tickets for all the six flags parks. They guarantee that all their products are always going to be fresh; they are going to give you the best service. SMI thinks that by giving something back to their clients they are creating loyal customers for the company.


This corporation has a high sense of commitment with society; that is why this year they donated $1 million after Hurricane Katrina to help the Salvation Army, Red Cross and Catholic Church in Mississippi.