Vulcan Materials Co. Job Opportunities


Vulcan Materials Co. was founded in 1909 as a family-owned company of construction materials under the name Birmingham Slag Company. By 1939, it became a major supplier to Tennessee Valley Authority Projects. In 1956 the corporation was renamed as Vulcan Materials Company and accessed the capital markets that helped it grow and flourish.


Today, Vulcan Materials is the nationÂâ€Ã¢„¢s largest producer of construction aggregates and is also a leader in the production of other construction materials, providing infrastructure materials that are required for the American economy. The road you take everyday may be constructed with the VMC materials. Throughout 210 aggregate plants dispersed around the USA and Mexico, Vulcan Materials Co makes asphalt mixes, and ready-mixed concrete. In addition to this, the company also operates 67 trucks, rail, and water distribution locations.


Some of the construction aggregates like crushed stone, sand and gravel, are taken from natural deposits of various materials such as granite, limestone and trap rock. After, it goes through several stages of crushing and screening and making the specific sizes and details desired by the customers.


The reason why they are the largest producer of this kind of products is easily understood. They operate in the Mildeast, Midsouth, Midwest, Southeast, Southern and Gulf Coast, Southwest and Western. This means that they are almost everywhere in the USA. They also work with some Mexican companies like Grupo Ica.


A curious note about this company is that they have a program called Adopt a School. This helps several schools and even high schools to get economic support from the company. This is a very big corporation and they are continuously looking for people who want to be part of it.