Nussbaum Trucking Proposes New Way to Owner Operators


Alden Nussbaum founded this company in 1945. Today, his son Brent Nussbaum manages the company with four principal values: the focus, the experience, the capacity, and the flexibility.


Nussbaum Trucking Company makes its operations across the states of Minnesota, Iowa, Kansas, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Ohio, Michigan and Indiana.


The company offers careers opportunities to the drivers and the owner operators. For the drivers, they give $0.40 per mile to start the pay scale. Nussbaum Trucking also offers $0.3 per mile more for the unloading and the stops and health, dental and vision benefits as well as giving seniority before one year of work in the company.


For the owner operators, Nussbaum Trucking proposes a plan to treat the operator as a real independent contractor. The company provides the proper insurances, social security taxes, the trailers, and such. The payment consists in $1.00 per loaded mile and the same for empty miles. $0.04 per unload and stop, and more.