Onyx Industrial Services: the specialist in special needs

By: Bubbajunk.com

Veolian Environment, a global provider of environmental services bought a company located in Texas called Waste Management Industrial Services and changed its name to Onyx Industrial Services.


Today, Onyx Industrial Services assists the companies in the management of waste materials. It is a company that has spread to operate across the world. Onyx Industrial Services employs approximately 275,000 people. Its principal business covers Europe, Asia, and Pacific, Middle and North Africa as well as the rest of American Continent.


Among the industries served by Onyx are the automotive, chemical, metals, mining, paper, refining and power companies. For each one, Onyx Industrial Services has built a specific strategy of services.


The operations are very specific such as the hydroblasting cleaning, the solids separation, dredging process, vacuuming, debris removal, and of course, special transportation services.


Transportation is a service that Onyx Industrial Services gives in every each industrial division. Most of the transportation work includes hazardous materials, industrial waste and other kind of dangerous freight.


For example, some of the options that Onyx offers are the bulk liquid movement, roll off box services and lab packing and drum transportation.  To make this particular delivery an efficient one, Onyx Industrial Services counts with a great variety in its fleet. 


The coded tank trailers, sludge box transport trailers, dump trailers and van trailers and such are part of this particular fleet. Besides the fleet, the company puts emphasis on the specialized training for its employees and keeping well experienced workers.